Why Laser Dentistry Is Ideal for Pregnant Women and Diabetics

Posted on: August 28, 2015

Laser DentistryAs a laser dentistry office, we provide superior care in a way that is entirely comfortable and effective. We understand the value of preventative care and the role it plays in maintaining healthy teeth for a lifetime. As a dentist office, we encourage patients to visit us once or twice a year for a teeth cleaning so we can remove harmful plaque and bacteria, preventing conditions like cavities, infections, and gum disease from forming. This is an important step in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but for some patients, this is not enough. There are certain conditions that warrant more frequent dental care. Among them are pregnancy and diabetes. In both cases, a trip to our laser dentist office is the best option for staying in optimal oral health.

Pregnant women should consider laser dentistry because …

Many women are unaware of how important it is to visit the dentist while pregnant. In fact, we have found that some are even afraid to come in for dental care, thinking it could somehow harm the baby. The truth is completely different: not receiving dental care can be harmful to the baby. Gum disease has been proven to cause preterm labor and low birthweight babies. The best way to prevent this condition is with good oral hygiene at home and regular dental care. We suggest our pregnant patients visit us twice during their pregnancy, so we can keep their gums healthy and prevent any complications. This is where laser dentistry becomes so valuable. When we use lasers to complete standard procedures, the process is more comfortable, and the surrounding gum tissue is not irritated. This makes it unnecessary for patients to receive sedation, and since pregnant women should not be taking this type of medication, lasers make it possible to relax. As a result, our patients have a more pleasant dental experience overall.

Laser dentistry is an excellent option for diabetics.

Diabetics should visit the dentist more frequently than most because of an increased risk for developing gum disease and other sorts of infections. We know the white blood cells play a crucial role in the body’s ability to fight infection. Unfortunately, uncontrolled blood sugar or a diabetic episode can inhibit the white blood cells, preventing them from effectively doing their job. As a result, the body cannot fight off the common cold or gum disease. We can help by removing the plaque and tartar that can irritate the gums in the first place. As plaque builds up around the gums, it can cause inflammation and even make the gums recede. By removing this plaque, we can help the gums to heal. The challenge for diabetics is that any type of invasive procedure (like scraping plaque out from under the gums) is more difficult to recover from than it would be for a non-diabetic. However, laser dentistry has changed how this procedure is completed. We can deep-clean the gums without irritating the surrounding gum tissue since the laser energy is so fine. This makes our procedures more comfortable and dependable for diabetics and anyone suffering from gum disease.

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