Learn More About a Dental Extraction Procedure in Los Angeles

Posted on: June 1, 2017

Dental ExtractionA dental extraction procedure is sometimes necessary to maintain the health of your teeth and gums and to provide you with relief. If you need a dental extraction, don’t hesitate. When you visit our office for your tooth extraction, we will ensure you do not experience discomfort and that the process flows smoothly and quickly. Over 20 million people have teeth extracted every year in the U.S., so you are not alone. Continue reading to learn more about our simple, yet effective dental extractions.

Dental Extraction Definition

A dental extraction, or tooth extraction, is the process in which we professionally remove the tooth from its socket in the jawbone.

Dental Extraction Candidates

Injury: If your tooth is impacted or injured, it may need to be removed to prevent the disruption of other healthy teeth or causing infection or discomfort.

Orthodontic: A tooth can be extracted for orthodontic reasons. If an orthodontist believes your dental structure has a better chance of being healthier and straighter by removing a tooth, extraction will occur. This will help braces treatment or other straightening procedures go more smoothly.

Decay or Infection: If you have a badly decayed tooth, it could wreak havoc on surrounding teeth, cause discomfort, or move infection into your gum line. A patient with a badly decayed tooth may choose a dental extraction procedure in Los Angeles rather than crown protection, which could risk re-ignition of the decay and lead to the need for root canal treatment.

Broken: If a tooth is broken or cracked, it could be causing immense pain, and it is left vulnerable to infection. The removal of the tooth can prevent worse dental issues from occurring.

Dental Extraction Procedure

Many patients fear tooth extractions when they are not as painful as people believe. During our dental extraction procedure, we use a local anesthetic at the tooth site so we can easily remove the tooth. We will then use an “elevator” to dislocate the tooth from the bone and lift it out with forceps.

For more extensive extractions, like the removal of wisdom teeth, you may need to be sedated for a more comfortable procedure. During wisdom tooth removal, an incision will most likely be made in your gums above the location of the tooth. We will precisely remove the tooth surgically; in some cases, we may even need to divide the tooth into smaller pieces for easier removal. Following the procedure, we will cover the area with cotton to absorb bleeding and clot the area. As necessary, we will utilize sutures to close up the incision or removal site to prevent infection or irritation and to promote a quicker healing process.

Following the dental extraction procedure, you will need to put gentle pressure on the area with a small wad of gauze. This will eliminate bleeding. After the clot forms, do not disturb it as this action can cause infection. Avoid using a straw, smoking, or swishing liquids for at least a day following the extraction. Also, avoid chewing hard foods near the extraction site.

These are the basics of our dental extraction procedure. To learn about why you might need to have a tooth removed or how simple the process is, call or visit our Los Angeles office.

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