A Laser Dentist in Los Angeles Offers Safe and Reliable Care

Posted on: September 1, 2016

Laser DentistIf you are considering visiting a laser dentist in Los Angeles, you may want to learn more about the safe and reliable care they can offer. Laser dentistry now provides a variety of treatment options that produce successful results and happy patients.

What is Laser Dentistry?

A laser dentist uses tools that emit highly focused beams of light and heat, making procedures on soft and hard oral tissues safer and more efficient. In comparison to the use of traditional dental tools, patients find that laser dentistry procedures are more comfortable. In most cases, treatments from a laser dentist also offer a faster healing time with fewer complications like infection.

Safe and Reliable Care

A laser dentist provides reliable care that is represented in several avenues:

Reliable Level of Comfort, No Anesthetics

If you wish to have a dental procedure with few or no anesthetics, laser dentistry offers a more precise method that produces less discomfort for the patient— during the process of treatment and following the procedure while they heal.

Reliable Gum Disease Treatment and Future Prevention

Traditionally, if a patient had gum disease, sharp and sometimes bulky dental tools were used to remove the damaged tissue and infection from under the gumline. While this form of treatment works, it also has higher rates of reinfection and healthy tissue damage. Since the tools are larger and less precise than lasers, healthy tissues can also be negatively affected, resulting in a longer recovery and potential future issues. A laser dentist can treat gum disease efficiently and effectively— only accessing and removing the infected or dead tissues while the heat from the laser kills the bacteria left in the area, so reinfection is less likely. Since there are many different types and sizes of laser beams, there are a variety of choices that can be used to ensure no healthy tissue is accidentally harmed or removed.

Reliable Fast Recovery Periods

As mentioned above, lasers are very precise. The fact that less tissue is damaged results in a faster recovery period. With traditional dental tools, it is hard to determine how long a recovery will take and what discomfort a patient will experience during that period. A laser dentist can provide you with a more certain timeframe for recovery. Since lasers are highly powerful, the beams they produce cauterize wounds as the dentist works. This cauterization protects open wounds from exposure to bacteria and reduces or eliminates the need for stitches following a procedure. This combination of benefits results in a quick healing period that leaves the patient feeling comfortable and healthy once again.

To learn more about whether or not you should visit a laser dentist for your treatment needs, give us a call or visit our Los Angeles office. We can provide you with a list of all of the potential benefits of receiving laser treatments and help you determine whether or not laser dentistry solutions are right for you.

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