Bring Your Child to a General Dentist in Los Angeles for Preventative Dental Care

Posted on: September 15, 2016

General DentistAs a general dentist in Los Angeles, we can provide you and your child with preventative and restorative dental care. As an adult, you are probably well-informed on the need of dental care for yourself, but may not realize how important it is to bring your child to a general dentist for preventative care. In addition to brushing and flossing, preventative dental care provides children with the protection they need to fight cavities and other dental diseases more strongly every day. At our general dentist office, we can give your child the comprehensive dental care and support he or she needs to pursue an advantageous life of oral health.

What is preventative dental care?

Preventative dental care includes the practice of caring for one’s own teeth by brushing and flossing and the habit of visiting a dentist for professional care biannually. Preventative dental care helps you avoid cavities, enamel wear, gum disease, staining, and tooth injury or loss. Children should be taught proper preventative dental care at an early age, and visiting a general dentist will help you accomplish this task. If during an appointment a cavity is discovered, a general dentist can also provide the necessary restorative care to repair teeth.

How does visiting a general dentist help?

We can provide your child with biannual professional oral cleanings and examinations. We can monitor your child’s teeth growth and take X-rays as needed to make sure no internal oral health issues are present. In addition to these typical dentistry services, we can also provide mouthguards for sports and play, dental sealants for naturally cavity-prone kids, and fluoride treatment to ensure teeth remain strong and cavity-free.


If your child plays sports or is a rough player during recess or other activities, we can create a custom-designed mouthguard just for his/her mouth. They protect against tooth injury by easing the damage of collisions and protecting your child and other children from sharp teeth.

Dental sealants

We can apply dental sealants over the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth. A dental sealant will act as a protective barrier, so bacteria, food particles, and plaque do not get stuck in the deep ravines in the molars and premolars, causing decay.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatment can be performed after a biannual oral cleaning. Fluoride is in toothpaste, but sometimes children still do not get enough to maintain the natural remineralizing actions of teeth. Fluoride treatment from a general dentist in Los Angeles will help this process occur more effectively so your child can avoid more cavities.

All of the preventative dental care techniques we use are affordable and can be quickly performed. When you have access to extra protection for your child’s teeth, why not act on it? We can provide you with all the tools you need to set your child’s teeth up for a strong, healthy existence. Make an appointment for you and your child today for the best dental care available.

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